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Conference Travel

Before traveling, each faculty and staff member must obtain approval to use travel funds from his/her chair, coordinator or supervisor. Some travel expenses such as conference fees or airline tickets (from authorized travel agent) may be paid for by the University before your travel takes place. This authorization is only an estimate of the expenses anticipated to be spent on the trip. The authorization forms may be picked up in the Business Office. Go to travel authorization forms below.

After your travel has been completed a Travel Expense Report must be submitted to the Business Office. Reimbursement requests will not be processed without original receipts. You may download a Travel Expense form from the Accounts Payable website on the oxford campus.

Airline Travel

Travelers are expected to book the lowest priced, nonstop coach class airfare available. To take advantage of fare reductions through advance ticket sales, the University will prepay airline tickets for authorized travel.

Flight reservations through authorized agencies may be processed on Limited Purchase Orders (LPOs) issued by the requesting department. At the time that the flight reservation is being made, the LPO number must be provided to the agency. The following information must also be provided on the LPO:

  • name(s) of the traveler(s)
  • destination
  • purpose of trip
  • exact cost of flight

Inter-Campus and Other Travel Regional campus faculty or staff are authorized mileage reimbursement for required inter-campus travel between the campuses for meetings or other official activities, providing that travel starts and ends on the same campus.

Travel Reimbursement

The following reimbursement standards have been set for round trip mileage between campuses, but not to exceed:

  • Oxford to Hamilton campus 32 miles
  • Oxford to Middletown campus 50 miles
  • Hamilton to Middletown campus 40 miles

An employee will not receive reimbursement for travel from his/her home to a campus at which that day’s normal work assignment is scheduled, or for travel to a campus as an intermediate stop between his/her home and the campus where the day’s work is conducted.

Reimbursement Rates

Mileage reimbursement rates may vary from year to year. Learn about the current per diem and mileage reimbursement rates at the Oxford campus's Accounts Payable website.

The employee's travel expense report must indicate all business stops occurring between the beginning and the end of travel. Mileage incurred beyond the amount normally accepted must be documented in the explanation field of the travel expense report.

Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Forms

Faculty Only: Access a custom-created travel authorization form for Miami Hamilton faculty (.xlsx)

Faculty & Staff: Access a travel reimbursement form at

Additional links:
Miami University Travel Policies and Procedures

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