Hometown American History: As Ohio Goes so Goes the Nation

Grant Partners:

Miami University Hamilton

Preble County Educational Services Ctr

Butler County Educational Services Ctr

Myaamia Project of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

Butler County Historical Society

Cincinnati Museum Ctr


Hometown American History addresses K-12 history and social science teacher's needs by adapting curriculum and content to the State of Ohio adopted milestones and benchmarks. We explore our nation's history through the lens of state and local history, including a continuing thematic emphasis upon the history and culture of the Miami Tribe. The program covers a wide range of topics and chronologies from economics (the Great Depression), to civics (the Constitution), to geography (the land and the people of Ohio) and promotes historical thinking.

What is the Teaching American History Grant Program?

A multi-year professional growth opportunity that provides teachers with content-specific knowledge to enrich student learning about the past.

How does it benefit you?

Hometown American History moves instruction from the seminar room into the classroom through teacher-centered strategies such as peer-coaching and small group diagnostics. Teachers will create and share instructional activities and resource portfolios, including lesson plans for the classroom.

What do I have to do?

Teachers will attend three, one-day seminars each program year. Substitute teachers will be provided. Participation includes a five-day summer institute where teachers are immersed in history content and new model curriculum and travel to local, regional, and national historical sites.

Weather Policy

When seminars are held at the Miami University Hamilton Campus, if the MUH campus is open, the seminar will proceed. Campus closing information may be accessed at http://www.regionals.miamioh.edu/ or by calling the Preble County ESC at 937-456-1187. Note that the MUH campus is frequently open when local schools are closed. For seminars off-campus, emails will be sent to participants by 7AM notifying of cancellation.