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Michael J. Colligan History Project: Videos

The videos listed below were donated to Rentschler Library as part of the Michael J. Colligan History Project.

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Islam : past and present / Irvine Anderson.
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2002 v.1

Blanche Wiesen Cook : author of Eleanor Roosevelt
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2002 v.2

Joan D. Hedrick : Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Harriet Beecher Stowe: a life
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2002 v.3

Mary A. DeCredico : author of Mary Boykin Chesnut: a Confederate woman's life
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2002 v.4

Folk songs of the sixties / Allan Winkler & Dennis Sullivan
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.1

Educating our children about Vietnam / Steven Cohen
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.2

The great flood of 1913 / Jim Blount
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.3

My recollections of Good Morning, Vietnam / Adrian Cronauer
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.4

An American tragedy : the United States in Vietnam, 1961-1975 / David Kaiser
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.5

Experiences of a Vietnam War nurse / Barbara Rounds-Kugler
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.6

Eminent Ohioans : bicentennial profiles / Andrew Cayton
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.7

Freed African American women in nineteenth-century America / Wilma King
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.8

The Kennedy assassination : forty years later / Richard Reeves
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.9

Hamilton remembers November 22, 1963 / Jim Blount
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2003 v.10

Baseball heroes & political heavyweights / Jim Roberts
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.1

Editing the journals of Lewis & Clark / Gary Moulton
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.2

American first ladies, 1961-1990 / Carl S. Anthony
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.3

Heroism of the WWII : female aviators / Sarah Byrn Rickman
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.4

Remembering Eisenhower and Churchill : a D-Day 60th anniversary commemoration / Susan Eisenhower & Celia Sandys
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.5

The historian as detective : Nixon, Kissinger, and the Vietnam War / Jeffrey Kimball
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.6

Upstairs at the Embassy / John Dolibois
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.

Omaha Beach: a flawed victory / Adrian Lewis
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.8

The Holocaust's perpetrators : attempted explanations of history's greatest crime / Christopher Browning
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2004 v.9

From the Scopes trial to today / Edward Larson
Nonbook. D6 .M52 2005 v.1

Historical memories of Japanese American internment (VHS) /Alice Yang Murray
D6 .M52 2005 v.2

Historical memories of Japanese American internment (DVD) /Alice Yang Murray
D6 .M52 2005 v.2b

The great war : World War I / Dastar Corp. presents a Marathon Music & Video production
Nonbook. D522.23 .G74 1998. v.1. – v.7

Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 [CD-ROM containing images of the attack on Pearl Harbor]
Nonbook. D767.92 .P43 2001

Vietnam: a television history / WGBH, Boston
Nonbook. DS558 .V47 1996. v.1. – v

Dear America : letters home from Vietnam / Home Box Office presents a co-production of the Couturie Co and the Vietnam Veterans Ensemble Theatre Co. ; director, Bill Couturie ; producers, Bill Couturie & Thomas Bird ; screenplay by Richard Dewhurst & Bill Couturie
Nonbook. DS559.5 .D43 1987

The Korean War : fire & ice / produced by Mort Zimmerman, Vincent Mondillo, Tracey A. Connor ; written by Norman Stahl with Joseph Alexander and Rod Paschall ; produced by Lou Reda Productions for the History Channel
Nonbook. DS918 .K67 1999. v.1. – v.4

Eleanor, first lady of the world / a Murbill Production in association with Embassy Television ; story by Rhoda Lerman ; teleplay by Caryl Ledner and Cynthia Mandelbery ; directed by John Erman ; produced by Fern Field
Nonbook. E807.1.R48 E44 1992

Who killed JFK? : facts, not fiction / CBS News
Nonbook. E842.9 .W56 1992

Covered bridges / produced by Historic Hamilton Productions in association with AVI-Digital Communications Group ; producer, W.D. Langevin ; director-editor, Ed Johnson ; written by Ed Johnson & Jim Blount
Nonbook. F499.H2 C68 2001

40th anniversary of Junior Achievement of Hamilton, Fairfield & Vicinity
Nonbook. F499.H2 .F68 1994

Hamilton vignettes ailors : sailors, soldiers & pioneers / produced by Historic Hamilton Productions in association with AVI-Digital Communications Group ; producer, W.D. Langevin ; director-editor, Ed Johnson ; written by Ed Johnson & Jim Blount
Nonbook. F499.H2 S23 2000

Trial of Adolf Eichmann and F, Hitler and the Nuremberg Trials
Nonbook. KZ1174 .T77 1996

Nuremberg: tyranny on trial / produced by Lou Reda Productions, Inc. for the History Channel ; A&E Television Networks
Nonbook. KZ1176 .N87 1995

Dr. Phillip Shriver
Nonbook. LD3241.M517 S5755 2003

The diary of Anne Frank / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Nonbook. PN1997 .D53 1987

Edward the Seventh . Queen Victoria / executive producer Cecil Clarke ; directed by John Gorrie
Nonbook. PN1997 .E39 2004

Europa Europa / Les Films du losange ; CCC-Filmkunst GmbH ; producers, Artur Brauner, Margaret Menegoz ; director/screenwriter, Agnieszka Holland
Nonbook. PN1997 .E97 2003

Good morning, Vietnam / Touchstone Pictures presents in association with Silver Screen Partners III a Rollins, Morra and Brezner production ; written by Mitch Markowitz ; produced by Mark Johnson & Larry Brezner ; directed by Barry Levinson
Nonbook. PN1997 .G59 1987

Go for broke! / MGM ; written and directed by Robert Pirosh ; produced by Dore Schary
Nonbook. PN1997 .G6 1991

Nuremberg / TNT presents an Alliance Atlantis/Productions La Fete production in association with Leahy Ross Conners/British American Entertainment, and Cypress Films ; producers, Ian McDougall, Mychele Boudrias ; written for television by David W. Rintels ; directed by Yves Simoneau
Nonbook. PN1997 .N87 2001

The Tuskegee airmen / HBO Pictures ; Price Entertainment ; a film by Robert Markowitz ; produced by William C. Carraro ; co-producer, Carol Bahoric ; directed by Robert Markowitz ; teleplay by Paris Qualles, Trey Ellis, and Ron Hutchinson
Nonbook. PN1997 .T835 1995

Yankee Doodle Dandy / Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. ; directed by Michael Curtiz
Nonbook. PN1997 .Y36 2000