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Human Rights/Social Justice Bibliography

Human Rights | Social Justice | Literature | United States | International

Last Updated January 5, 2012

Human Rights

2048: Humanity’s agreement to live together (Boyd 2010)
Contemporary human rights ideas (Ramcharan 2008)
Dignity in adversity: Human rights in troubled times (Benhabib 2011)
Exploring international human rights: Essential Readings (Calloway 2007)
The human rights reader : Major political essays, speeches, and documents from ancient times to the present (Ishay 2007)
Human rights and the ethics of globalization (Lee & Lee 2010)
Human rights in Latin America: A politics of terror and hope (Cardenas 2010)
Inventing human rights: A history (Hunt 2008)
Surrendering to Utopia: An anthropology of human rights (Good 2009)
The unheard truth: Poverty and human rights (Khan 2009)
A world made new: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Glendon 2002)

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Social Justice

A twenty-first century approach to teaching social justice (Johnson 2009)
Social justice and the city (Harvey 2009)
Social justice in education: An introduction (Bull 2008)
Social justice in the global age (Cramme 2009)

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A Map of Hope: Women’s Writing on Human Rights (Agosin 1998)
The devil’s highway: A true story (Urrea 2005)
Enrique’s journey (Nazario 2007)
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (Beah 2008)
Notes from my travels: Visits with refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Ecuador (Jolie 2003)
Outcasts united: An American town, a refugee team, and one woman’s quest to make a difference (St. John 2009)
The blue sweater: Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor in an interconnected world (Novogratz 2009)
Why did they kill? Cambodia in the shadow of genocide (Hinton 2005)

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United States

Banished: the new social control in urban America (Beckett & Herbert 2010)
Closing the gap: Resetting the table in the land of plenty (Winne 2009)
Free for all: Fixing school food in America (Poppendieck 2010)
Hate crimes and ethnoviolence: The history, current affairs, and future of discrimination in America (Ehrlich 2009)
Human trafficking in Ohio: Markets, responses, and considerations (Wilson 2007)
Scottsboro and its legacy: The cases that challenged American legal and social justice (Acker 2008)
A shameful business: The case for human rights in the American workplace (Gross 2010)
The slave next door: Human trafficking and slavery in America today (Bales 2009)
The town that food saved: How one community found vitality in local food (Hewitt 2009)
Underground America: Narratives of undocumented lives (Orner 2008)

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All you can eat: How hungry is America? (Berg 2008)
Civil liberties in China (Li 2010)
The end of food (Roberts 2008)
Enough: Why the World’s Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty (Thurow & Kilman 2009)
Human trafficking, human misery: The global trade in human beings (Aronowitz 2009)
Modern slavery: The secret world of 27 million people (Bales, Trodd, & Williamson 2009)
Not for sale: The return of the global slave trade and how we can fight it (Batstone 2005)
Sex Trafficking: International context and response (Segrave 2009)
Stuffed and starved: The hidden battle for the world food system (Patel 2007)
Victims of Progress (Bodley 2008)
World Hunger (Stanford 2007)

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