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Racial Legacies

“Racial Legacies: How to Talk about Race” is on an ongoing series of local town meetings sponsored by Miami University Hamilton and the City of Hamilton. For more information about the series, please visit the Racial Legacies site. In order to facilitate continued learning, Rentschler Library staff create bibliographies with additional resources pertaining to each keynote speaker’s topic.
You will need Adobe Reader to view the bibliographies--you can download Adobe for free.

Racial Legacies and Learning XXVII (pdf icon188 KB)
Innovation, Mentoring and Society: How One Person Can Make A Difference
Featuring Juan E. Gilbert
February 14, 2012
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources by Juan E. Gilbert
2. Related Books on Diversity & Mentoring

Racial Legacies and Learning XXVI (pdf icon82.2KB)
Piecing Together the Latino Mosaic in Southwest Ohio
Featuring Lorena Mora-Mowry
October 12, 2011
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources about Lorena Mora-Mowry
2. Latino/a History & Culture
3. The Journey
4. Immigration

Will Allen
Racial Legacies and Learning XXV (pdf icon16.6KB)
How to Talk about Race
Featuring Will Allen
March 15, 2011
Bibliography Summary:
1. Articles about Will Allen
2. Online Resources
3. Miami University Libraries' Books on Urban Gardening

Alvin Jackson
Racial Legacies and Learning XXIV (pdf icon17.2KB)
Accessibility of Healthcare & Nutrition in the Urban Community
Featuring Dr. Alvin D. Jackson
October 7, 2010
Bibliography Summary:
1. Healthcare in Poor & Urban Communities
2. Multicultural Health Care
3. Government Assistance
4. Nutrition & the Urban Community

Flonzie Brown Wright
Racial Legacies and Learning XXIII (pdf icon70KB )
Looking Back to Move Ahead
Featuring Flonzie Brown-Wright
February 4, 2010
Bibliography Summary:
1. Works by Flonzie Brown-Wright
2. Women in the Civil Rights Movement
3. Landmark Legal Decisions
4. Religion and the Civil Rights Movement
5. The Civil Rights Movement

Teja Arboleda
Racial Legacies and Learning XXII (pdf icon19KB )
Healing Racism
Featuring Teja Arboleda
October 6, 2009
Bibliography Summary:
1. Works by Teja Arboleda
2. Diversity
3. Multiculturalism
4. Racism

Larry Wilmore
Racial Legacies and Learning XXI (pdf icon112KB )
Let's Not Take Diversity Too Seriously: Just Kidding!
Featuring Larry Wilmore
February 19, 2009
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources by Larry Wilmore
2. Diversity: Opposing Views
3. African Americans and Humor
4. Race Representation in Television

Bakari Sellers
Racial Legacies and Learning XX (pdf icon128KB )
Politics, Service, and Civic Engagement
Featuring Rep. Bakari Sellers
October 9, 2008
Bibliography Summary:
1. Politics
2. Service
3. Civic Engagement

Damali Ayo
Racial Legacies and Learning XIX (pdf icon117KB )
Featuring Damali Ayo
February 14, 2008
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources by or about Damili Ayo
2. Combating Racism

Robert Santiago
Racial Legacies and Learning XVII (pdf icon117KB )
Poverty and Social Justice
Featuring Robert Santiago
February 22, 2007
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources by or about Robert Santiago
2. Poverty
3. Education
4. Health Care
5. Race

Tim Wise
Racial Legacies and Learning XVI (pdf icon124KB )
White Like Me
Featuring Tim Wise
October 17, 2006
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources by or about Tim Wise
2. Resources for Educators
3. White Privilege

Headshot of Donna Brazile
Racial Legacies and Learning XV (pdf icon40KB )
Race, Class and Politics in the Contemporary United States
Featuring Donna Brazile
February 23, 2006
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources by or about Donna Brazile
2. Race, Class and Politics
3. Voting and Organizing

Yvonne Bynoe
Racial Legacies and Learning XIV (pdf icon40KB )
The Intersection Between Culture and Hip-Hop
Featuring Yvonne Bynoe
October 20, 2005
Bibliography Summary:
1. Resources by or about Yvonne Bynoe
2. Women and Hip-Hop
3. Politics and Activism
4. Hip-Hop: History and Culture

Maulanga Karenga Headshot
Racial Legacies and Learning XIII(pdf icon24KB )
The Urban Plight of African-American Youth: Solutions
Featuring Maulanga Karenga and M.K. Asante, Jr.
February 11, 2004
Bibliography Summary
1. Minority Relations
2. Urban African Americans
3. Resources by Maulanga Karenga
4. Resources by M.K.Asante, Jr.

Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer
Racial Legacies and Learning XII (pdf icon76KB )
The Arab American and Muslim Experience after September 11
Featuring Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer
October 21, 2004
Bibliography Summary:
1. Bibliography Created by the Arab American Institute Foundation

Racial Legacies and Learning X(pdf icon96KB )
Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes
Featuring Jane Elliot
October 20, 2003
Bibliography Summary
1. Videos documenting Jane Elliot's Blue-Eye, Brown Eye Experiment
2. Discrimination Studies

Molefi Asante
Racial Legacies and Learning IX(pdf icon96KB)
Color blind or Color Conscious? How to Bridge the Racial Divide
Featuring Molefi Asante
February 5, 2003
Bibliography Summary:
1. Race and racism

Omope Carter-Daboiku holding a child
Racial Legacies and Learning VIII(pdf icon28KB )
Featuring Omope Carter-Daboiku
Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Appalachia
October 16, 2002
Biblgiography Summary:
1. Appalachian NonFiction
2. Appalachian Literature
3. Children's and Young Adult Books

Headshot of Adolf Olivas
Racial Legacies and Learning VII (pdf icon117KB )
Understanding Hispanic Diversity
Featuring Adolf Olivas
February 20, 2002
Bibliography Summary:
1. Latino NonFiction: Historical, Social, and Cultural Themes
2. Collections and Anthologies
3. Award Winning Children's and Young Adult Books
4. Review Sources

Kevin Powell
Racial Legacies and Learning V (pdf icon117KB )
How to Talk about Race
Featuring Kevin Powell
February 21, 2001
Bibliography Summary:
1. Native Americans
2. African Americans and the Black Experience
3. Minority Culture
4. Multiracial Identity