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Students keep million dollar secret

December 14, 2005

It's amazing, but two Miami University Hamilton students managed to keep a big secret all semester. On Dec. 13, students Megan and Tommy Linz, along with their older brothers Nick and Alex, won the one million dollar prize on "The Amazing Race: Family Edition."

Megan, a pre-communication major, and Tommy, a pre-business major, joined forces with their older brothers to compete against ten other family teams on the CBS reality television show. The show began airing September 27.

The Linz team traveled to all 50 states competing in different challenges to win. According to a Dec. 13 report in The Cincinnati Enquirer, the brothers and sister team will split the money with their parents and their three other brothers.


The Linz family

(Photo from CBS

and The Cincinnati Enquirer)
The Linz family. From left,

Tommy, Megan, Alex and Nick.

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