Due to COVID-19, some library services may have changed or may be temporarily unavailable. Please see the Rentschler Library Services during COVID-19 guide or contact the library staff for more information.


How long can items be checked out?

Books: Students and Community Borrowers–3 weeks; Grad Students–1 semester; Faculty–Until June 30th of that academic year
Audiovisuals: 1 week
Equipment: 3 days or 1 week. See Equipment You Can Borrow page for more information.
Reserve Items: 2 hrs, in-library use only
OhioLINK: 3 weeks

What are the overdue fines?

Miami University Libraries’ Books: $.50 per day, per item, to a maximum of $15 per item.
Audiovisuals: $2.50 per day up to a maximum of $15 per video.
Equipment: Varies–see the Equipment You can Borrow page for more details.
Reserve Items: $2.50 for the first hour overdue and $.75 per additional hour, to a maximum of $24.25 per item.
OhioLINK items: $.50 per day to a maximum of $15, plus an additional late fee of $35 added to all items which are more than 30 days late.
For more details, please see our “Fines” section of our Mission and Policies.

What are your hours?

Please see our hours page for complete and current information.

Where is the library?

The library is located on the 2nd floor of the Schwarm building (above the cafeteria and bookstore).

Does the library have textbooks?

The library has the required textbooks for some of the courses offered on the Hamilton campus. Professors can also place items on reserve in the library for their classes. Check the current list of items on reserve to see if we have the items for your class(es).

What is OhioLINK?

OhioLINK is a consortium of 121 academic libraries that allows people affiliated with those institutions to borrow materials from any of the other institutions in OhioLINK. To find out more about OhioLINK visit their website or read about the Value of OhioLINK brochure_web. Visit OhioLINK’s online catalog to request items through OhioLINK.