Due to COVID-19, some library services may have changed or may be temporarily unavailable. Please see the Rentschler Library Services during COVID-19 guide or contact the library staff for more information.

With the health and safety of our staff and patrons being a top priority, and in support of Miami University’s (MU) efforts to address concerns about physical distancing on campus during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Miami University Libraries (MUL) will be offering Limited Online Library Access (LOLA). Through this short-term lending service, MU scholars will be able to digitally access works held in the MUL physical collection remotely via Canvas.

LOLA requests can be placed using this online form. Most LOLA requests will be fulfilled within 3-5 business days, though more time may be needed depending on the nature of the work and the timing of the request.

Generally, items will be made available via LOLA for circulation periods comparable to that of the physical item held in the MUL collection.

Questions about LOLA should be directed to Carla Myers, MU’s copyright librarian at myersc2@miamioh.edu.


If you have supplemental resources, required readings outside of your class textbook, or videos that students need to watch, consider placing the items on reserve at Rentschler Library. Reserve items can include resources from Miami University Libraries–such as books, periodicals, and DVDs–or an instructor’s personal materials. Please note that we are not able to put OhioLINK or items from other libraries on reserve.

Placing Items on Reserve

Requests to have materials placed on reserve can be made at the circulation desk. Loan periods for these items are designated by the instructor, and may be one of the following: 2-hour/library use only, 1-day, or 3-day. In order to allow sufficient time for processing and to ensure that your students have access to the materials when needed, please allow 3 days between submitting items and anticipating availability.

Please note that all faculty must fill out a Reserves Request form each school year that reserves are active.

Items will be withdrawn from the reserve list at the end of the semester or year and returned to the owner, if applicable. A new form must be filled out for the materials if they are used again the next academic year.

Electronic Reserves

While the library is no longer able to provide Electronic Reserves service, we can assist you in finding licensed content (articles, e-book chapters, films, etc.) that you can link to in your Canvas course site.

Textbooks on Reserve

In a collaborative effort, Rentschler Library, the Miami Hamilton Bookstore, and individual faculty members have brought together a reserve collection of textbooks for selected Miami Plan or other introductory courses offered at Miami University Hamilton. Our goal is to assist students who are unable to afford the texts or whose financial aid situation prevents them from making the purchases until several weeks into the semester. We are also giving these students an opportunity to make use of their required texts while on campus. This service is intended to make these materials for learning as widely available as possible, which is certainly a part of the library’s mission. Unfortunately, the library is not able to purchase all of the textbooks required on campus. If you have an extra copy of your required textbook that you would like to have available to your students, please consider having it placed on reserve.

For more information, please contact Dana Carlsen by email at mille854@miamioh.edu or by phone at (513) 785-3179.