Textbooks on Reserve

Rentschler Library has copies of selected Miami Hamilton textbooks available for checkout. Ask at the circulation desk to see if the textbooks for your course(s) are available. Also, check the Course Reserves below to see if your professor has placed a copy of the textbook on reserve.

Please note that Textbooks on Reserve are only available for 2-hour use and cannot leave the library.

If you are not sure which textbook is required for your class, MUH Bookstore has a complete Textbooks List.

Course Reserves

Rentschler Library keeps “on reserve” for students items that are in high demand, additional reading required by a professor, or videos that professors want you to watch during specific periods of the semester. Most of these items are limited to a 2-hour checkout period and are not allowed to leave the library during that time, but some check out longer per the professor’s request.

Click the link below to view the list of items Rentschler Library has put on reserve. On that page, you can also search by professor’s name or course abbreviation (ex. ENG 111) to items that are on reserve for a specific class.

List of Rentschler Reserve Items

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