Only current Miami students, faculty, and staff may check out equipment. A “Digital Equipment Form” must be signed the first time you check out equipment every school year. 2 forms of photo ID (Miami ID and government-issued ID) must be presented when the form is filled out. Hover over the info by each item to see checkout periods, late charges, and replacement costs for that item.

Dell Laptop info
photo of laptop available for checkout
GoPro Hero4 Camera info

photo of a GoPro Hero 4 video camera

Digital Camera info

photo of a digital camera

Video Camera info
photo of a video camera
Digital Voice Recorder info

photo of a digital voice recorder

Tripod info

photo of a tripod for cameras and video cameras

DVD Player info

photo of a portable DVD player

External DVD Writer/Player info

photo of external DVD writer/player for computers and laptops

USB C Charger info

photo of a USB C Charger

Android Charger (universal) info

photo of a universal android phone charger

MacBook Charger info

photo of a macbook charger

MacBook Pro Charger info

photo of a macbook pro charger

iPad/iPhone Charger info

photo of an iCharger

iPad/iPhone Charger info

photo of an iCharger for older iDevices

Mac to VGA info

photo of a Mac to VGA connector cable

Card Reader info

photo of a card reader

Flash Drive info

photo of a flash drive

Graphing Calculator info

photo of a graphing calculator

Scientific Calculator info

photo of a TI scientific calculator

Calculator info

photo of a calculator

Headphones info

photo of headphones

Headset info

photo of a headset


  • Equipment may be checked out by students, faculty, and staff ONLY upon presentation of a valid Miami University photo ID and a second form of identification (driver’s license or state-issued ID).
  • Only one laptop may be checked out per library user.
  • All equipment must be returned in-person to the Circulation Desk with equipment in hand and in the same condition as when it was checked out.
  • All equipment must undergo maintenance upon return and cannot be immediately re-circulated. Equipment is not eligible for renewal.
  • Do not save anything to the laptop. Everything saved to equipment will be deleted when returned.
  • Battery power for the equipment may not last the entire checkout period; the Library recommends checking battery power and frequently saving personal files to your Google Drive, One Drive, or a flash drive to prevent loss of work.
  • Changes to the laptop operating system or memory systems, including downloading software, are strictly prohibited.
  • The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to the user’s files or peripheral devices due to equipment or network malfunction.
  • Failure to return overdue items and/or pay fines will result in revocation of borrowing privileges.
  • If equipment is returned late 3 times, borrowing privileges will be revoked for the rest of the semester.
  • Users will be automatically billed the replacement cost of any piece of equipment that is past due for three days. Users who are billed replacement charges for any piece of equipment will have borrowing privileges permanently revoked for all equipment.