Every Spring Rentschler Library holds its Annual Haiku Contest. Members of the Miami University Hamilton campus write and submit original Haiku poems, and one is selected as the winner in a blind-review process.

To submit an entry for the 2024 contest, please use this form.

Original Haiku by Miami Hamilton

The Haiku on this page were submitted for the Rentschler Library Haiku Contest, and are property of the authors. Contest guidelines stated that each Haiku must be the original work of the submitter; Rentschler Library does not assume responsibility for false submissions.

Most Recent Winners

2023 Winner

Hayley Ho
Beds of white flowers
Dance in the cool evening breeze
Glow like heavens

2022 Winner

Linda Helling

Sweet song from the tree
Nest of twigs and leaves protects

2021 Winner

Nicholas Bond Chowning

Tulips rise, yellow.
Deceivingly beautiful
A bumblebee hides

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2023 Submissions

Alan Cady
Watch the Monarch fly
Finds fuel for more adventures
Where to next my friend?
Alan Kelley
Ere a eulogy
for epistemology:
“This is not haiku”
Ava Thyen
Wishing for springtime,
Alas, when March comes around,
All I get is rain.
Bee Cuasay
Rain clouds laugh and drown
The simple worries of kids
Playing in the mud
Connie Webb
Wake up, he crows. Good morning!
It’s a brand new day.
Duo Song
Spring blossoms bloom bright,
Cherry petals dance in breeze,
Nature’s pure delight.
Hayley Ho
Beds of white flowers
Dance in the cool evening breeze
Glow like the heavens
Jessica Elliott
Sun Shines on My Face
Shadows Leave My Weary Mind
Spring is Here Again
Josyln Schaffer
Reaching out a hand 
A hand of hope reaches back 
That hand is my own
Judea Lehman
Cheeseburgers are cool
I want to get fat right now
Fat swag is awesome
Kaitlyn Fields
Swift, babbling brook
Traversing through mountainsides
Pure blue rippling
Kasie Bowman
It’s pouring out here;
My heart is very content. 
Getting drenched heals me.
Leah Fugate
To be loved she hoped
She saw him in the raindrops
As he walked away
Linda Helling
The queen is in place
Workers hum in unison
To bring sweet rewards
Lisa Engel
Seven sisters guide 
Pink moon snow rainbows wait love 
Hands over water
Mackenize Bradshaw
Hands pour my coffee
Lips brush my forehead gently
Eyes say “I Love You”
Patrick Dowling
My Math Book Slams Closed
Formulas Instantly Gone
Counting Down Till May
Rebekah Turner
Rainy day complaints
Dampen promises of spring
Still well underway

Shamar Strayhorn
Arms stretch free clouds rise
Holding opportunities 
Now dreams await the
Stephen Martin
Time plus government
Inevitable constraint
Ending in murder
Trey Wermes
ambition was not
the downfall of icarus,
but access to glue
Tyson Jung
The television–
relinquishment of thinking–
turns us off right back.
Yibo Liu
Beneath the spring sun,
Flowers sway in gentle breeze,
New life is reborn.

2022 Submissions

Alan S. Kelley
Woe–The stillborn bud
That blooms in man’s inferno,
Springtime’s pastel tomb.
Augie Bronson
Accounting is hard
So hard It takes lots of time
Please give me some wine
Ava Thyen
I have a fat cat,
He thinks of nothing but food
He needs to lose weight.
Brynne Phillips
Among trees, she sits
Like caged songbirds, she laments
Bound form, yet free soul

Carson Conrad
Outside she sees it
In the fresh air she breathes it
Inside she needs it

Cole Gentry
A silent meadow;
Naught is heard, but yawning wind
Through the flowers flows
Crystal Jones
Interpret my love
Can I be enough for you
Sing away the blues
Deja Reid
Rosy scented trees
to us wind lovingly flows
within dreamy notes
Deniz Atak
Horse walks in the bar
The bartender asks the horse
Why the long face sir?
Deniz Atak
Wake up once again
Red stained skies full of dread
Despair can’t subside
Giancarlos Castro
Cherish those around.
Memories ever fleeting,
lost for forever.
Gwenevere Markey
One remembered choice
Russian troops, bombs, many dead
One man can stop it
Janelle Allen
Love for you aflame.
Her glow admiring you rain.
Melting sentiments.
Jessica Bierman
See the potential?
You can’t ignore the hard work.
Try so hard, but fail.
Jessica Chappell
A life without masks,
Oh, it is finally here!
What a joyous time!
Jonathan Hine
Birds sing songs aloud
Wind caresses those below
Clouds traverse the blue.
Julia Pond
I feel so stressed out
I drink coffee all the time
This is my life now
Kaitlyn Fields
Gray tufts of her fur
Delicate steps and soft food
Eternally friends
Katheryn Sullivan
Pen touches paper,
Ink flowing from heart to hand:
A story begins.
Kayla Becker
Inclusion, happy,
grow, is what it means to me
to be Miami.
Landon Powell
Grays erupt in blooms
Air laden with the signals
Damp and saccharine
Laura Starr
sun illuminates
green grass dances in the wind
life grows, mind quiets
Lauren Doepke
As spring grows warmer
Changes loom with passing time
Freedom beacons now
Lena Sears-Whitmire
Night time cloaks us all
In darkness, even the most
Beautiful creature
Linda Helling
Sweet song from the tree
Nest of twigs and leaves protects
Matt Kurtz
Desolate convent,
Through shadows, the sharp nun stalks
Betrayed by the knife
Matt Kurtz
A desolate convent,
Through shadows, the gray nun stalks
Deceived by her time
Patrick Dowling
Geese honking always,
I dodge droppings and cold eyes –
Is Bio for me?

Qihao He
Spring flowers in front,
step forward without questions,
no snowflakes behind.
Rachele Scott
From fairy to dove
Grassy lands to fly above
In rays of sunlight
Rebekah Turner
Golden streaks meet eyes
Awaiting morning’s sunrise
Our lonely night ends
Regan Robida
Time grows flower trees
All things changes year to year
Yet untouched; the seas.
Samantha Friend
Love is hard to have
When you don’t know how to love
Most say it’s easy
Silas Smith
Scourge of life is man
Nature fights a lost battle
Seeds cultivate hope
Victoria Dobson
Persephone wakes
her dance means spring has begun
flowers bloom in sun
Zachary Niehaus
From snow into rain,
cloudy skies remain the same,
leaves grow in again.

2021 Submissions

Kara Anand-Gall
Saturday morning
Gravel road edge of city
Lone goose near culvert
Amber Anderson
Through a dark winter
With masks and sanitizer
But Spring brings new hope
Faith Baxter
In a world of fear
Everything is uncertain
But I’m not afraid.
Tamara Bundy
Your smile takes me back
to forgotten yesterdays.
Sweet child of my child.
Alan Cady
So many falsehoods.
Where to seek understanding?
Nature speaks the truth.
Reagan Campbell
You are everything
You are my entire world
You are my savior
Nicholas Bond Chowning
Conducting mixed tides
Great moon lights our lonely skies
Inhale freedoms breeze
Nicholas Bond Chowning–Winner
Tulips rise, yellow.
Deceivingly beautiful
A bumblebee hides
Victoria Dean
As it fluttered down,
the leaf became a symbol
of what is now gone.
Amanda Garrison
Open defiance…
Stand with us or fall with them!
Rise to the calling.
Aliyah Glass
Laying in my bed
College burnout has me now
Cry. Eat. Sleep. Repeat
Autumn Griffie
hot french fries in ranch,
magical mashed potatoes,
the spuds are great food.
Autumn Griffie
Cold mashed potatoes,
a dreary existence it seems.
I prefer them warm.
Autumn Griffie
oh mashed potatoes,
you never do wrong.
That is your promise.
Autumn Griffie
Dana, the Reds fan.
Always smiling, never sad.
A positive light.
Autumn Griffie
What is better than
only one camel? How ’bout
two of them, Krista?
Bobbiebree M Ingram
Rhetorical Media
Ethical Issues
Donovan Kautz
The love before death
always hurt more than death
itself I’m sorry
Austin Kingsland
All matter is light
Even In the black of night
Except consciousness
Anna Kopinski
Each wave dances green
Gliding back and forth to the
Beat of the cool wind.
Sofiya M Kryvoruchenko
A crisp spring morning
sakura blooming outside
a breath of fresh air
Annabelle Lozano
reaching but you are
slowly floating far away
now I am alone
Camilla McMahon
Grandma, is that you?
Your smile hidden by a mask.
One year since a hug.
Bryan Miller
Joyful stillness and
silence speak to noise and haste
for empty is full.
Elizabeth Miller
Crisp smell of dead leaves,
Shafts of gold and violet light,
October sunsets.
Matthew Muterspaw
Consciousness, my friend
All things correlate nearby
Breathing with spirit
Holly Pappano
Testing, tracing, life
Resumes as normal–but none
(are invincible.)
Ally Roberts
Title: Scarlet
Destruction follows
Dark heart glows with bad intent
Crimson waves lay waste
Charlotte Waldron
blaze of light above
muffled by a dark gray cloud
far off thunder rolls
Adam Ward
I want to be free
The truth is unbecoming
But the shame is worse
Ivy Welling
We will soon be rid of you
Get vaccinated.
DJ Worischeck
A hero disguised
mister potato head, I
salute you. Honor.
DJ Worischeck
Sweet Potato, I
stay dreaming of Thanksgiving
to see you again.

2020 Submissions

Cindi Bowman
quarantined alone
no where to be me except
in my little world
Cindi Bowman
the morning breeze blows
silently through my window
birds sing happy songs
Shelby Bushnell
Title: Edward VIII
a dangling man and
defected king begging for
love and redemption
Carrie Chambers
These kids are so loud.
Where is my bottle of wine!
What day is today?
Justin Emrick
Stare out the window
Spring is slowly moving past
The pandemic stays
Hannah Farnsworth
drooping leaves on branch
cursed to mourn forevermore
willow is weeping
Melissa Faulkner
Bouncing, the wheels turn
Bright lights shining in my eyes
I am going home
bree Ingram
Six feet please
No coughs, no sneeze, covid clean
You and me
Betsy Kreger
A brilliant morning;
Life delights in what it hears;
The moon pulls the tide.
Lucas Lamka
O Death, Life’s betrothed,
Is not the Day born from Night,
As Black is from White?
Jie Lin
I can fall in love,
Baby girl what you wanna,
I can give you all
Tina & Mo Riedy–Winner
Can’t visit my mom,
but someone in the market
brushes my elbow.
Manuel Calderon Rodriguez
I hate driving long
I hate waking early too
My grades up up up
Peggy Schubert
Title: Covid-19
wash hands thoroughly
practice social distancing
hope it all ends soon
Charles Skaggs
Give me that t-shirt,
You give it to me right now!
This is my haiku
Cara Spray
Lost my connection
Social distancing is hard
Without Internet
Zhengxuan Tan
I stayed up all night,
thinking might need a new knight,
and i failed, all right.
Kaixi Yang
Ice reaching darkness
Burning under soulful sun
Solemnly blazing
Le Zheng
Fall left without sound
Frog starts sleeping in the tree hole
Feeling full and no worries

2019 Submissions

Tears fall from their eyes,
My final breath drifting on,
Mind finally at peace
Emily Anzalone
Spring peepers peeping
Owls heard in the dark night sky
Gentle spring whispers
Candice Berryman
I often wonder
When the sun lifts moonlights veil
Who I really am.
Candice Berryman
The sunrise in view
Beckoning me to follow
A new life awaits.
josie cloughessy–Winner
Tulip bulbs will wait
Through the longest of winters
Till sun pulls them out
Jasmin Colyer
When he stops to kneel
Notice the American
Not the stars and bars.
Tanner Cornett
Disguised hatred lives
Her shadow creeps further more
Discouraged victory
Daniel C. Cox
Potter’s old bedroom
Stacked plastic tote boxes now
fill space under stairs
Jessica Cress
Glimmering frostbite
eats away the last vigor
of the year’s blossoms.
Nick Dasenbrock
Tedious fountain
A domestic, grey cat roars
because of the pond
Drew Edwards
You are love and life
My sunshine and paradise
You help me survive
Spencer Foister
On a mountain peak
Meditates a peaceful man
but a goat disrupts
Ryan Frisby
Outward indirect
Underhanded Oversight
Concealed subversion
Andrew Garrett
As seeds drift midair
I feel a certain kinship
Where will we wander?
Nathaniel Houser
Violet petals arise,
Dirt under fingernails; laughter.
Death becomes a memory.
Kristy Iwema
I like languages
Learning Spanish and Swedish;
Also Japanese
Kelsey Jackson
Succulent friend.
Snug in a little blue pail.
You make me smile.
Spencer Jonas
Surmised endless drought,
life digging deep into soil,
only greens flourish.
Emma Jones
Science is magic
Amazes, disappoints, yet shows
World to the unknown
Margo Kissell
A chill in the air
as new signs of life emerge
from the sleeping earth
Margo Kissell
A misty morning
doesn’t dampen my spirit
spring is here at last.
Hannah Kuhn
Alone in the light
Stands a little red orchid
Fearing a cold fight
Samuel Martin
Returned Error 404:
Your haiku could not be found.
Attempt again later.
Shr-Hua Moore
Buds blooming on trees,
Sweet birdsong on clear mornings,
The hallmarks of Spring.
ashley murphy
yellow beckons me
to dance with sunflowers, and
yet, grey holds me tight
Kelly Nethers
My clean black church shoes
Were prettier that day than
When I was in them
Tyler Nichols
The past reaches out
Pulling me in to its grasp
It consumes me whole
Kaitlynn Ollerdisse
Steak is tasty meat
Medium rare is the best
I like it juicy
Ethan Parsons
The mountain stands tall,
Gazing above clouds knowing,
That all rest below
Savana Patterson
Go home wanderer,
this home isn’t for you,
your home is in light.
Iris Patton
Maybe life is not
the life-giving spring, or the
flower they promised.
You lead, I’ll follow.
What was your plan here, capitan?
Blind leading the blind.
Katlyn Reynolds
Beneath trees and skies
A little bird flies upon
Glistening shores
Angela Secrest
Cloud Pilled, white-grey skies
Cold yet no rain or any snow
Prediction: Sleep In
Matthew Smith
In the near future
robots will scribble haikus
more efficiently.
Nathaniel David Smith
You see banana
‘Tis a yellow banana
Potassium king
Katie Spoleti
They liked my hair long
to hide what made me unique.
So I cut it short.
Caitlin Spratt
Frost kissed rose buds glow
I stretch larger as I grow
As do my shadows
Brittany Thomas
It’s been much colder
Home heavy on his shoulders
But school colors life
Winfield Vincent
Where do I begin
I can’t say what my heart feels
Speak before she leaves
Chris Watters
What is a haiku?
I think that this might be one
Can I have the prize?
Francis Ziehm II
Embers quickly fade,
faintly glowing underneath
a dark stormy sky.

2018 Submissions

Janelle Allen
Title: Affectionate Rays’
Spring flowers joy-filled.
Cold it is, but, maybe, love.
Rain, tears, sun above.
Tammy Allen
Pretty snow-kissed trees
Gleaming in the morning sun
April’s cruel joke.
Tammy Allen
Dangling icicles,
frozen like diamonds in trees
are winter’s jewels.
Mary Bausano
In darkness rain fell
Puddling shimmering mirrors
Of dawn’s fragile light
Robert Bell
Year’s first frosty run
Having fun scaring squirrels
crunch crunch goes fast feet
Crystal Ford Bingle
It bends in the wind
Creaking and groaning with age
Yet, firm are its roots.
Terri Blair
Delicate creature
Flitting from limb to limb
Sweet Robin Red Breast
Terri Blair
Hopping to and fro
on Spring lily pads they go
happy little toads
Kenzie Bryant
Hamilton Campus
is home to ferocious beasts:
Harriers and geese
Kenzie Bryant
The majority
of my time on Earth has been
spent in a classroom
Tamara Bundy
Waltz with waiting words
Travel far and not leave home
Fall into a book.
Alan Cady
Striving to excel
Judged unlike past times when best
Despair infects me
Cody Coffey
Time is borrowed friend
I am entropy breathing
feel me scatter here
Lessie Day
Little girl searching
the candle you hold Flickers
Answers in the dark
Lisa A Eickenhorst
learning more knowledge
demands wisdom to apply
mind slaves will escape
Isabel Falcon
Don’t judge me today
because I don’t think like you
love because its right
Belinda Flick
Diversity is
Respect for differences
Inclusion for all
Sandra Glazer
Title: Your New Marketing Slogan
Rentschler library
Annual haiku contest
Win a free T-shirt
Nicole Gill
In a moment’s fleet
Entire eternities
Bursting into life
John Groom
beats are made from scratch
and a dream will always last
curated to surpass
Tommy Hancock
My heart ripens here
Picked from the tree with no fear
Not knowing love bites
Nathaniel Houser
Title: Spring’s Sin
Do you remember?
Snow in April, Grandpa’s death…
Planted white tulip Bulbs.
Kristy Iwema
Bark peels off a tree
And then connects with itself
To make a bark ring.
Logan Jewell
Cold weather then hot
Ohio please just pick one
For God’s sake it’s spring
Martin P Johnson
Outside, snow on grass—
Spring trees and Easter bunnies.
Inside, Haiku tees!
Bethany MacMillan
Student engagement
makes college worth-while…
outside of classes.
Trey Moore
Miami is cool
Teachers, events, and low costs
Feel like i’m at home
Trey Moore
Shrek is an ogre
Donkey. Farquad, and a girl
Can’t wait till Shrek 5
Karen O’Hara–Winner
Window cat wonders
at snowflakes dancing up, down
Why can’t she catch them?
Karen O’Hara
There’s that goose again,
Lurking in the parking lot.
Don’t make eye contact!
Gina Petonito
Title: Tenements
Dark rooms blocking sun
Walls upon walls yet the dust
Dances in a ray.
Caleb J. Phillips
God is in her eyes
Along with all creation
I lost myself there
Jocelyn Plank
Title: Wise Wishes
A chilly morning.
Sh. A little, wise owl chimes
while wishing for snow.
Kate Schulte
Eyes old and tired
Smile radiates contentment
Peacefully she goes
Hailey Sexton
Poetry is hard
Esspecially haikus
The formating is rough
Rina Slovacek
Fading into the
cold, dark abyss of nothing.
Wondering, why me?
Bradyn Tedeesco
Comedy, clever
Comedy can be funny
Comedy is this
Logan Turner
Morning brings a new
ceremonious coffee
Let’s begin a day.
Karen Yates
I am a student
Who learns differently than you
Yet we are the same
Karen Yates
Finished with the day
the orb downwardly drifting
kisses the night sea

2016 Submissions

Megan Boggs–Winner
I call mountains home.
Hills gathered like slept in sheets,
I’ve been gone too long
Cassi Britton
Heaven is the taste
of Bai Hao Yin Zhen. That is,
if heaven exists.
Robert Callahan
Trying hard to win
The Rentschler Haiku Contest
But writer’s block wins
Ben Daniels
Morn’ mist hangs over,
Freshly Felled trees. Leaves still green,
What a strange beauty!
Nathaniel Houser
Running for President
Leaves fall on her, while I read
To vote, bring terror.
Joe Imholte
The final exam.
My toes want to feel the sand.
But, I’m still inside.
Evan Jelley
On comfortable
cancer beds we all here lie.
Flowers bloom and die
Kathryn Lanning
I’ll sell you masked friends
Within a confessional.
Like me, share, follow.
Brett Milam
My toes curl hot coals.
For her, I do anything.
She averts her gaze.
Rina Slovacek
Broken heart, Bruised face.
surrounded by broken glass,
It’s too hard to fake.
Matthew Smith
the sun shone down the
grassy hollow, then the shade
came down to follow
Anna Wilkinson
back and forth we Fight
for my sanity, life. I
never win at night.

2015 Submissions

Kris Barnes
Butterflies flutter
speech is locked behind my teeth
You besiege my sight
Michael Brown
A Haiku is when
you speak in five, seven, five
and you must not rhyme
Rob Craft
snow covered landscape
fog gently hugging the ground
sun peaks through at times
Michael Gadd
If I study more,
instead of writing haikus
I will pass the test.
Tiffany Holmes
Life is challenging
But the end is worth it all.
What if it were true?
C.W. Kessler
Thou shall not fear death.
We shall celebrate our lives
Until the last breath.
Mary Kate Kuchers
Searching for purpose
Finding life in Man who gave
up His to save ours
Kathryn Lanning–Winner
Wisdom rose gently-
a paper lantern above
her timid, cloaked words.
Austin McComas
“You save the hungry!
Noble one, what is thy name?”
Thom Meyer
teach me how to breathe
as the world spins like a dog
chasing its own tail
Karen O’Hara
Ohio springtime:
Walk in the sunshine at noon
Chance of frost tonight
Michael Pandl
Finals are coming,
Time to kick it into gear,
And prepare big time.
Chanely Rodriguez
The life evolving,
inside my womb she becomes,
spirit, also flesh.
Rina Slovacek
Hey, You! Yea, Ya! the
Person reading this. Yes, YOU!
You are beautiful.
Jessica Stokyo
Not just for frogs anymore.
New generation.
Miranda Wanninger
School’s end approaches
The students are getting stressed
Is it summer yet?

2014 Submissions

Desiree Bates
Sunshines and blizzards
Ohio knows no restraints
Can it be spring yet?
Mary Bausano
Shimmer, crusts of ice.
Defy winter’s barren earth.
New growth lies below.
Terri Blair
Old Man Winter came
too early to the Midwest.
Will He EVER leave?
Rachel Brown
Winter’s bride bedded
Crystal teacups chatter teeth
What will Summer bring?
Heather Dennull
Howling winds blow cold
Angry clouds darken the sky
Release white angels.
Jill Loney
Title: A Long Winter’s commute in 2014
Flakes fall slip and slide
Through a winter driver’s norm
Spring, a distant thought!
Austin McComas–Winner
Love will warm your heart,
but when it comes to winter,
I’ll stick with fire.
Michael Pandl
Winter really stinks,
We all wish warm weather comes,
A little early.
Joanna Schofield
February Moon
Howls, screams, yowls, eerie night songs
Fox mating season
Samantha Young
Title: Frozen
Will this winter end?
“The cold never bothered me–”
That’s enough, Elsa!

2013 Submissions

Teresa Blake
Classes have begun
Winter cold and blowing snow
Finals coming soon!
Sharon Blalock
Ones whom are elder
Dream beyond that looking glass
Found in heart not sight
Debbie Fackey
Love is on the way.
I wish it was here to stay,
always slips away.
Belinda Flick
Summer time dreaming
fireflies flash and flicker
the cicadas sing
Malachi Gruenhagen–Winner
Skies above are grey,
The trees stand like skeletons,
The cold winds pierce all.
Robert Hornsby
Finally a new
semester has begun so
Let us have some fun
Darren Jones
People of the earth
Awake and arise at once
For the time is now
Casey Kinane
The last time I fell
In a bouquet of sorrow
The blossoms grew stale
Robert Larimore
In darkness I see
Evil shadows dance by me
Dark angels save me
Jessica Leece
open doors prove false
poor keep falling deeper in
morality, gone
Amber Lohrey
Books and bags galore…
A new year has started –
Time to get to work!!!
Karen O’Hara
Pinterest? What’s that?
Look at pictures of puppies!
Where did my day go?
Dan Ruhe
Life dancing around,
Time moving fast, will it stop?
Only time can know that.
Connie Webb
Searching for clovers.
Four leaves peeking up at me.
At last, my treasure!
Sarah Templeton Wilson
When at a crossroad
look left, look right, look inside.
Your path is found there.

2012 Submissions

Ethan Ballard
Never so far from;
As I fall from far above
I never look down
Jimmy Barron
The meaning of life
What an amazing journey
Don’t ignore its weight
Desiree Bates
“You can’t do this in one night”-
Challenge accepted.
Tony Bell
Here is my entry
I write this haiku for you
Now leave me alone.
Rebecca Blanton
Wild strawberries nap
like plump bottomed babes in
red with little green caps.
Alex Bufler
A twang in your head.
The chirping birds feel it, too.
So, dew drops ignite.
Korina Burch
Winter’s coming fast
And I have no winter coat
God, I am freezing.
Lauren Carter
The best band worldwide
Alabama Capital
my friends till the end.
Susan Cavalaris
Cat on a thin branch
A buttermilk sky darkens
a flock of birds turns.
Emily Clippinger
Summer days are gone,
just waiting for the icecream
truck to play it’s song.
Olivia Cole
Outstretched, eyes to sky.
Cumulus turn to dragons,
on summer’s hillside.
Daniel Constable
How do you figure
that pulling a trigger will
make you feel bigger?
Sean Day
My old enemy
conquered at the library
good grades once again
Lynnett Dunaway
Stormy seas calm down
Peace fills all that were afraid
Till the next storm comes.
Kady Eby
white-out sprinkles snow
flowers spring from sidewalk cracks
traffic stops the roads
Rebekah Farthing
lost dice lost dice look
see and freeze, frenzy finding
can’t find it. i mourn.
Steph Ferris
furry brown blanket,
snow white kitty stomping some
warm crumbly biscuits
James Fisher
Enchantress weaving,
sweetest taboo, my love yours.
I, unnoticed, leave.
Roslyn Ginter
Lessons lived in the present,
Learned for the future.
Malachi Gruenhagen
Hallways are bustling;
Students chatter in the Library;
A new term’s begun!
Jeremiah Johnson
A cold snowy day,
Alone, quietly walking,
So knowledge may come.
Victoria Kleykamp
Is the majority who
Occupies our hearts.
Anna Lacker
Pain of letting go…
Forever excoriates,
Every part of me.
Peg Melbye
Oh, tall stacks of books
Soundless messages entice
Beckon me with words.
Brett Milam
You are my love bug.
I will always follow you
into the darkness.
Emily Morgan
Sin was born from trees.
“Eat” said the serpent to them.
Division from Him.
Ciera Moris
Peaceful and Serene
The water welcomes the night
Waiting on the moon.
Sarah Mossman
A wind blows wildly…
Girls dance in meadows, and it
rustles golden hair…
Ross Muron
Misanthropic thoughts
surge, this is not for facebook!
Share! Or back to work.
Russell Nelson
Death’s seductive kiss
Embrace our soul with warm
Lindsay Noce
It can mean power…
It is knowledge that’s power,
I am living proof!
Philip Nunemaker
Within a vision,
ones dreams become awakened
only for today.
Dan Paolo
Old deceitful friend,
How many masks do you wear?
You do not fool me.
Nic Pater
bracketed with web
in corners dark they flicker
spun caught in cold light
Amber Porter
stand tall citizen
demand liberty and truth
native terrorist
Brian Reeves
The soldier seeks death
A demon helps him find it
Josie Ridgeway
It devours swiftly.
corroding my very soul,
Time is a sly fox.
Patricia Riegert
The touch of your hand,
that loving, sensuous touch
melts my heart, always.
Michael Roberts
The Sound. A child cries,
Joy and laughter fill the room,
A new life is born.
Joshua Ruff
Eligance is true.
Beauty is a rarity.
Honesty is you…
Dan Ruhe
I peer in my soul,
To see what I may find in there,
Now I’m in therapy
Courtney Sawyers
Cold October rain
autumn trees shed golden leaves
from bare, bony frames
Michael Schmidt
Past diamond diced fence
There sits a cubist city.
My hope lies therein…
Joanna Schofield–Winner
Little brown mushrooms
blanketing the forest floor
I ate your poison
Kate Schulte
An old woman dies…
A precious baby is born,
with grandmother’s eyes.
Ethan Sellers
Whack, whack, sounds the axe.
Wood splintered, pain, leaves weeping
broken heart, will, CRASH!
Danielle Siereveld
I can’t find my words,
but every time I’m with you,
You find them for me.
Shane Smith
Corruption runs wild
In this country that I love
God bless this country.
Darrel Spangler
Though we may have wings
We fly very near the ground
No need for such heights.
Sarah Specter
I wish for no rain.
No more slopping, no more mud,
I just want the sun.
Kim Thompson
Even when you’re mad
your smile still warms me inside
like hot chocolate.
Dawn Tsirelis
A road not taken
For to teach a child to stand
Ends with beginnings.
Marshal Webb
message in email…
seems like more miami spam,
just a haiku scam.
Mason Whitaker
Frozen Winter cold
Shivering mother complains
Why is she wearing shorts?
Lee Widmer
Drenching cold downpour
Silent rivers criss-cross floor
How I love to mop!
Christina Willoughby
Pushing to achieve
overwhelmed with the dark… FIGHT
knowledge fuels the light
Adam Wilms
what does our government want?
Samantha Young
They gaze into the
sky — the stars look back at them.
Love born that moment.

2011 Submissions

Uriah Bisson
Give it all you got
Seek and achieve all your dreams
Don’t stop believing
Deborah Brown
Summer breeze blowing
The flowers flow with the breeze
Forms summer fragrance
Judy Ann Carrier
People surely love
to talk, it’s a social tool
Remember gossip’s cruel.
Jordan Cavalaris
I wake, my eyes now
Open to the world around
A global village.
Terra Collins
Footsteps in the snow
Tracing our dreams on campus
Brilliant flakes of hope
Daniel Constable
Put one in the sky
Fine light green and a brown wrap
Two friends and a light
Amanda Diaz
College Diploma
A path anyone can take
Your key to success
D.J. Ferguson
Science rules the world
Discovering what is real
The future awaits.
Leslie Ford
Here alone I sit,
waiting for the rain to stop,
waiting for the sun.
Malachi Gruenhagen
Icy roads in winter;
Far too many car accidents
On I-75
Kyle Hagedorn
The turtle sleeps soundly
Upon his throne of driftwood;
The waterfall nears
Lew Alan Henderson
Earth’s north point does point
from the Earth’s flattend point which
points to Polaris
Rachael Herrle–Winner
Love, I don’t know it
I taste the word, spit it out
It burns in my cheek.
Anthony Howard
Soul free, silent rain.
Rats on stilts can see me now,
isn’t that insane?
Joe Imholte
This little iPod
bursting with songs from The Shins
has become my life.
Olivia Mann
Upon letting go
By the song of freedom, then
carried by love; flew.
Niki Marengo
Fragrant cool spring breeze
Eyes shut toward the warm sun
Weightless on a swing
Ashley Marlar
Happiness is life.
Without it, what would life be?
Would it even be?
Brett Milam
Do not send a text.
Do not friend me on Facebook.
Just connect with me.
Philip Nunemaker
Within in vision;
one dreams to be awakened,
only for today.
John Overbeck
Deep beneath the waves,
The soul’s love awaits; heart, lungs,
Hemorrhage life’s desire.
Iris Patton
If the snow should come,
Barren arms the trees shall spread,
To greet the first flakes.
Jamie Pickett
Embrace love and light
Allow your soul to ascend
Live in harmony.
Danielle Siereveld
Snow has gone away,
and daffodils come to play–
spring is on it’s way.
Diane Sparks
My heart is pounding;
seeing him lay on the ground!
White and cold a ghost!
Ewelina Suchowolec
Where are you going?
To the airport to fly back
to my sanity!
Bonnie Taylor
Snowflakes falling down
Just like diamonds on the ground
Snowflakes all around
Tyler Waddell
The best source for books?
Go to Rentschler Library-
Always excellent.
Matthew Waits
The rain falls like tears
heaven crays for the needy
I feel their pain too

2010 Submissions

Heather Adkins
Where peace never dies
Only in my dreams may I hide
To feel more alive
Russell Baldwin
Branches of olive
Extend like small children’s arms,
To embrace rivals
Bradley Ballinger
beer, wine, alcohol,
at toilet in morning light,
best of times last night
Heather Barrett
Geology Rocks!
Minerals, faults, and crystals
that form planet earth
Michael Bisson
Class at Miami
Provides hope for the future
Enjoy the journey
Terri Blair
Oh trees of lush green
Your sheltering leaves are home
To my friends–the birds.
Nathaniel Bruner
To write a haiku
You must use a thesaurus
Not a dinosaur
Alan Cady
From the dim recess
Miami’s past son comes forth
All hail Michael Pratt
Cleve Callison
Bare trees and gray sky
A flash of red on a branch
The cardinal flies.
Waylon Cameron
Miami is loved
Thank God for financial aid
Nice degree and debt!
Judy Ann Carrier
Sing the blues today
sun comes out tomorrow
chases blues away
Whitney Childs
Somebody love me
Because I am what you’re not
Because I love you
Matt Davidson
Autumn’s distant leaves
scatteragainst rival winds,
Near Spring, I take form.
Erica A. Dierling
Fate of a feather,
lies in the dampened bracken,
awaiting new heights.
Kyle B. Epperson
Bees buzzing loudly
Must be making some honey
Busy little bees
Darell Estell
Every river flows
Everybody passes on
the circle of life.
Rebekah Farthing
Sun shines, gently days,
Winter dissolves, spring arrives
my heart is joyful.
Brooke Flinders
Sitting at my desk
The sun is shining outside
You guessed; Tenure track!
Zach Garretson
first five syllables
second seven syllables
third five syllables
Lyric Goins
Campfire smoke trail
Morning sun in the tree tops
A druid’s dance
Kyle Hagedorn
Old father winter
Will you make room for the spring
And let the flowers bloom?
Rachel Herrle
your words don’t always,
break me into pieces,
but lately I’m glass.
Marilyn Hess
Love’s empty garden
becomes fragrant in the Spring
remembering us
Taylor Knopf–Winner
On the window ledge
The pumpkin seeds lay to dry
The mice make their snack.
Christina Koutroubas
This sepulchered soul
Resting weary wanderer
Revived by your kiss
Amy Lamborg
A baby is born
Each new second is pure joy
I’m awake all night
Shelby Lucas
Dragonfly flits past,
Cherry blossoms all aglow
With mid morning’s dew.
Katie McQueen
It’s not just college
It’s my dreams, my second home
I bleed red and black.
Brett Milam
I, introverted;,
world will swallow me whole.
Remain looking out.
Karen Miller
Tall oak, just last week
your bare branches swayed aloft
Now cradled in green.
Lora Miller
The cold air is gone
the weather is warming up
our spring is now here
Rhiannon Miller
funny how we are,
We are the same inside us
we are one unite.
Mindy Nagle
Evergreen forest
Tall like a god of the earth
Green through the seasons
Marcus Pfirrman
Fly, I wish I could fly
Like all the birds in the sky
I would fly so high
Angela Rhodus-Senters
Two hearts became one,
Forever bound by loves truth,
Unbreakable bond
Linda Rosenberger
You are a miracle
In the beginnings so small
and now almost “2”
Sky Sloderbeck
My life was empty,
And then you came to fill it,
My beloved son.
Bart D. Sturm
The breath of the blade
the glare of the midnight sky
salvation’s cool touch
Timothy M. Teglovic
Am I here right now?,
No longer allowed to be,
Trapped under this ice.
Kathryn Thompson
I advise you to perform
Not be a dropout
Connie Vaughn
taxis shriek outside
a jackhammer starts its day,
city’s own wildlife
Carrie Vehr
Lacking luster may
Repulse today, but one day
Birth a perfect peace.
Daniel Volkman
Haiku is very Asian!,
Who invents this stuff?
Charles Wathen
Wind and sun at play
Briskly dances with the leaves
called to bed must go
Lee Widmer
what is it about,
the DARK that creeps around me,
why am I afraid?
Changg Wu
A nymph in the sky
Skatters petals with delight
Serene, trippingly.