Complete this checklist before turning in your research paper to make sure that you have cited everything properly and avoided plagiarism.

Assignment Requirements

  • I used the correct type of resources required for this assignment.
  • I used at least the minimum number of resources required to support my topic and to meet my Professor’s requirements (when a number is required).
  • I used the correct citation style (MLA, APA, etc.) for this assignment.



  • If using footnotes or endnotes, I checked that the numbers point to the correct, corresponding number for that citation.
  • If using in-text citations, I followed the in-text rules for the required citation style.
  • I double-checked each citation for accuracy (includes citations created by citation generators).
  • I double-checked each citation for formatting, including the use of italics and abbreviations.
  • I formatted my resources page in the correct format for this citation style (i.e. page margins, line spacing, indents, etc.).
  • I labeled my resources page correctly for this citation style (i.e. “Works Cited”, “References”, “Bibliography”, etc.).



  • I used quotation marks whenever I quoted directly from another source.
  • Whenever I paraphrased, summarized, or quoted another source, I used citations to point the reader to the original source (in-text, footnotes, or endnotes).
  • If I used statistics or secondary research data, I included citations for the original source.
  • I did not copy and paste anything without giving credit to the original author.
  • I did not reuse any portions of assignments that I used for other classes.
  • This assignment is my own, original work.